Brecon Beacons

Beacons and Cotswolds Circular

One of the great things about cycling in Britain is the countryside and its amazing variety.

You only have to travel a few miles to find yourself on noticeably different terrain. That’s one of the attractions of the new route announced by Velobreaks – the Beacons and Cotswolds Circular.

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B2B: Beacons to Beacon route

One of the main reasons we have set up Velobreaks is to promote some new routes for cycling holidays. I like the cross-country A to B routes as you can get a real sense of achievement from completing them and you get to see a fair bit of different scenery as well – such as on the famous Coast to Coast route. We wanted to create that type of route but in a different part of the UK – a route that would provide some spectacular scenery, changing topographies and where when you’ve finished you’d feel that you’ve accomplished something interesting and challenging.

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