Beacons and Cotswolds Circular

One of the great things about cycling in Britain is the countryside and its amazing variety.

You only have to travel a few miles to find yourself on noticeably different terrain. That’s one of the attractions of the new route announced by Velobreaks – the Beacons and Cotswolds Circular.

In the space of a few days on one trip you can be climbing high up amongst the hill ponies in the Black Mountains in the Brecon Beacons national park or cycling along a wooded river valley hillside. Later you could be passing by a manicured country house estate in the Cotswolds, sailing along between the crops or the livestock on quiet country lanes or descending steep slopes past historic old cloth or wool mills. That’s not forgetting the huge range of different architectural styles, centuries old stone cottages in the Cotswolds, half-timbered farmhouses in Herefordshire and grand Regency townhouses on the slopes of the Malvern Hills.

There’s a lot of variety in the cycling as well, with some good climbs, enjoyable descents and as it’s Britain both good and not so good road surfaces. We hope that everybody who takes the trip will find plenty to enjoy and appreciate.