About Velobreaks

Trust My Travel LogoVelobreaks was set up to develop new road cycling holiday routes in the south and midlands of England and Wales, as an alternative to the usual cycle holidays available in the UK.

The founder, Dave, a former director at a major UK manufacturer, has many years of experience road cycling in Britain and Europe. His real enthusiasm is for cycling through the beauty and variety of the British countryside, towns and villages and enjoying well earned coffee breaks along the way and it’s this passion that he hopes to share with you.

The new routes are designed to show off the best of the countryside in the south and midlands of the UK combined with plenty of challenging hills and good accommodation and restaurants.

Velobreaks are delighted to be able to incorporate many of the National Cycle Network routes developed by the Sustrans charity. They’ve done a fantastic job in promoting cycling in the UK and the National Cycle Network is a terrific resource for enthusiastic cyclists keen to get out and about.

Link to Sustrans map